Construction Services

Our Expertise

First and foremost, we are builders. Buildings influence all of our lives from our morning routine to our most memorable moments. It is our calling to create places that impacts all of us positively, be it through embracing community or pushing the limits of sustainability.

Shell & Core

Our diverse portfolio of ground-up projects includes multifamily, mixed-use developments, retail, offices, and industrial facilities. The simple story is we love building community and base buildings are how that starts.


Hilco Development Services excels in reinvigorating real estate assets by reimagining building uses and revitalizing spaces to maximize property values for your portfolio. Our goal is to enhance the property’s competitive position in the market, attract a different target audience, and ultimately increase its profitability.

Tenant Improvements

We’re passionate about delivering incredible interior spaces for some of the most notable places in the Southern California. No matter the size or scope, Hilco gives attention to every imaginable detail.