Project Types

Varied Industries. Same Results.

While the desired outcome of a project is always the same the specific requirements, regulations, budgetary constraints, site conditions, and end-user needs typically shape the project’s execution. Development & construction projects are highly tailored to their purpose and context, which makes them diverse and unique in each instance. Hilco Development Services comes at every project with a purpose built approach which has allowed us to deliver quality projects to our clients.


Hilco Development Services has developed or constructed various mixed-use projects. A mixed-use project typically combines multiple types of land use, such as residential, commercial, retail, and entertainment, within a single development. These projects aim to create vibrant, pedestrian-friendly communities that offer a range of amenities and services in one location. Mixed-use developments are often built in or near existing urban areas, which helps curb urban sprawl by promoting higher-density living. With residential and commercial spaces co-located, residents can easily walk or cycle to work, reducing the need for long commutes by car. These inherent traits make mixed use development and their construction a key asset class for our team and our mission of responsible development.


Whether it comes to tenant improvement, base building or full development Hilco Development Services focuses on creating value by revitalizing and repurposing industrial assets to better serve the needs of the market and to better serve the community.


Creating unique spaces in restaurant & hospitality is how great operators stand out from the competition and provide guests with memorable and meaningful experiences and in turn these meaningful experiences help develop strong communities. Hilco Development Services’ builds one of a kind spaces and properties for restaurants and hospitality operators who have exciting opportunities to create exceptional experiences for their clients.


Building a Class A office space involves careful planning, design, and construction to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. Hilco prides itself on developing personalized offices that elevate not only the work space but the productivity and mindset of those that use them.


First impressions play a crucial role in the retail industry, as they can significantly impact a customer’s perception of a store and influence their decision to shop there again. Hilco builds retail spaces that prioritize customer experience and aim to encourage repeat business. By designing and developing retail spaces with a customer-centric approach, Hilco understands the importance of making a positive first impression and providing an enjoyable shopping experience for clients.


Well-built living spaces go beyond aesthetics and create an environment that supports our needs, enhances our well-being, and positively influences our daily lives. They can improve functionality, comfort, aesthetics, social interactions, and overall happiness. Hilco Development Services strives to build comfortable and practical multi-family spaces and we recognize the importance of creating living environments that meet the needs of all residents.