Real Estate Development

Real Estate Investment

Responsible Development

We merge our experience as a commercial general contractor with our background in finance to develop high-quality projects. Our development strategy focuses on financially distressed, value-add opportunities for previously improved commercial property. We believe in maintaining emphasis on specific geographic areas rather than restricting our focus to particular asset types. By concentrating on certain regions, we leverage our local knowledge and establish strong partnerships within those communities. This approach provides a deeper understanding of the local market dynamics and regulatory landscape, enabling more informed decisions to create diversified value across our portfolio.

Community & Context

Hilco Development Services takes a localized approach to real estate investment by focusing on the market in which we live and work. This strategy of investment allows us to efficiently select sites, tailor design and out perform when it comes to community engagement and regulatory compliance. Ultimately this creates value and better financial feasibility for each project, while meeting true community needs.

Art & Tailored Design

Building strong communities starts with thoughtful design that makes us all proud of our surroundings and to live in them. In every project we develop we ensure that design is a key focus which leads to better experiences and value for all project stakeholders. Understanding the context of our developments is a the first step in putting together designs. This helps us to adapt our projects to be sustainable, embrace a neighborhoods culture and use an architectural vernacular that is appropriate while uplifting the area. Our diligent attention to design combined with our mastery of construction lends to projects that are not only best in class but are exceptionally economic.

Disciplined Investment

All of our projects have a few key factors in common which add up to our core investment strategy. This strategy is focused on existing real-estate assets that can be repositioned with conservative financing to create significant value for our investors while benefiting the community in specific areas. Our strength in construction lends to projects in need of remodeling or redevelopment. However, our team has a track record of performance on projects whose value is created through entitlement and design work. We focus all investment in a few key markets allowing us to leverage our local knowledge and relationships to create further value. Hilco’s investor backing positions us to aggressively pursue projects while maintaining minimal financial leverage creating a disciplined investment approach.