Biologique Recherche

The modern skin-care world is known for fandom—reverent circles of devotees who swear allegiance to the product that made their complexions see the light. Biologique Recherche, the 40-year-old French brand, has long had such a cult following thanks to its efficacious product line and P50 lotion, a pungent exfoliating face serum that generally makes its habitués look like they’re beaming out from beneath a halo. That effect created a frenzy for P50, which—until the company started selling on its own e-commerce site last fall—required buying from Rescue Spa or finding a local seller. “People used to come to Paris from countries where P50 wasn’t yet available and fill their luggage with it to take home,” recounts Biologique Recherche’s head of creation Dr. Philippe Allouche.

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